Rus Khasanov is a visual artist. His work is driven by the motto «Beauty is everywhere» which Ruslan expresses in music videos, typography and illustrations. The ability to express strong emotions through visual art, experimentation and improvisation playing a central role in his creative process. At the heart of Ruslan's work is the desire to show synergy between art, science and design, that these disciplines are not separate by academism, but can be organized in work with a mutual reinforcement.
Adobe (1,2,3,4,5), Atlantic RecordsBloomberg Markets, Dunkin' DonutsFortune, Gigabyte, GQ, HTC, IBM (1,2)MAC cosmetics, Ministry of SoundPhillips, LG, Linda FarrowPhilipsPopular MechanicsPopular ScienceSamsung, Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Culture, Sony Music Australia, Wired (1,2)
2016 Cannes Lions – Gold ((IBM - "Art With Watson») Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York)
2017 ADC Young Guns 15
2021 ADC 100th Annual Awards SILVER CUBE winner (for my personal project «heterochromia iridum» in the photography discipline)
«BRURAL» SET Gallery \ NY, USA. 2012
K Museum of Contemporary Art \ Seoul, Korea. 2019 and 2020
«After Glow» Exploratorium \ San Francisco, USA. 2019
International art festival «NUR» \ Kazan, Russia. 2021
Audiovisual project «KINOMURAL» \ Wroclaw, Poland. 2021