Disclaimer: The logos used in this creative non-commercial project are the property of their respective companies. I do not own any rights to these logos, and they are not intended for commercial use. Any creative interpretation of the logos is solely an artistic expression and does not imply any infringement of copyright or trademarks of the companies whose logos have been used. The purpose of using the logos in this project is purely educational and exploratory, and does not imply any transfer of rights to these logos.
With this creative, non-commercial project, I present artistic interpretations of some of my favorite graphic design pieces. This series was initiated in 2018 with a project commissioned by Adobe for ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD 2018. Since then, periodically, I have created commercial works altering logos for companies such as Adobe, MAC, Sephora, Wired, MSI, Gigabyte AERO, and others.
Logos play the role of visual symbols and metaphors of modern consumer society. From corporate elements, these symbols have become an integral part of mass culture. By abstracting the logo, ignoring its corporate colors, forms, specific details, I create abstract compositions using paint drips. Personalizing the logo and changing its context, I evoke emotions that I experience during the process and draw from past experiences interacting with this logo.



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