I was asked to create lyric videos, album & single covers for a musician Matoma.
All these visuals were shot on camera.

Client: Atlantic Records / Warner Music Group
Managing Director: Andrew Jackson (Milton Archer Mgmt)
Artist: Rus Khasanov

Matoma "RYTME - EP" cover

Matoma "RYTME - MIXTAPE" cover

Matoma "THE BENDER" cover

“The Bender” is the opening song off Matoma’s Rytme EP and is the first collaboration between Matoma and Brando. The song interpolates the iconic chorus from “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire, combining it with a modern day dance rhythm.
In the song, Brando recalls going to ‘the bender’ – a slang term used to describe going on a long drinking spree usually at some kind of a party.

Matoma – Let It Go (feat. Anna Clendening) [Official Lyric Video]

Matoma & Brando – The Bender [Official Lyric Video]
Tribe Deck Skin Templates  MATOMA x Rus Khasanov
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