Video: Rus Khasanov
Music: Fabio Fonda (
NUR meaning light, radiance, and brilliance.
This piece continues my series of works under the common title "Disctortion," in which I explore the phenomenon of iridescence by transforming compact discs into a psychedelic delight for the eyes. To create this work, the primary source of light for me was the sun, which brings a sense of natural energy and spontaneity to the work: sometimes scorching the disc's surface with its rays and painting it in bright colors, sometimes hiding behind occasional clouds, lending a more mystical atmosphere to the piece. In addition to the sun, to convey the relief of deformed disc and to give it a more dynamic movement, I armed myself with a powerful flashlight, wielding it like a Jedi with a lightsaber. Slicing through the air with smooth motions, as if the wind carries my hand like a feather, dictating the direction, and at times with sharp, slashing movements of the hand.
The video was shot in 8K.
 In addition to frames captured with a professional camera, I also took several shots with my phone:
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