The idea to shoot macro video with skin, according to the folds of which flowing paint, came to my mind in 2014. I often work with paints and my hands are constantly stained dirty, because I do not wear latex gloves while working. One day, I just looked at my hands dirty with paint and I liked the way the colors blended, the way they filled the folds on my palm. In one night I shot few footage and added them to the video "Warm-Up".
After 3 years, I decided to develop this idea and shoot a video in which the paint will flow not only on the hands but also on the other parts of body, I wanted to explore how different patterns on different areas of human skin. Under the macro lens it looks like satellite images where the folds of the skin looks as a riverbed along which multicolored river flow.
Basically in the video appears fingers, palms, those places of skin where there are more deep folds. At this time, apart from the hands I applied paint on the lips and nipples too. The way the paint flowing down from the top of the nipple and spreads over the aureole reminded me of a volcanic eruption, especially this analogy is noticeable with a fluorescent orange paint.
The biggest technical challenge was to minimize the effect of jitter, because it is impossible to get a person to stand still as a statue and not breathe for several minutes. Especially under the macro lens, shaking of the skin and defocusing are clearly visible. A lot of footage was removed for these reasons. The video includes no more than 8 percent of all footage I shot. Most of the footage with lips were removed, the final video included only 3 footage, and these video sessions were the most uncomfortable for the model, because the paint constantly pour into the mouth.
The process of filming took me about 4 months and 7 video and photo sessions with model. With each session, new ideas and technical adjustments came to my mind. For example: after only 5 sessions, I had an idea to use fluorescent paint dye to achieve a glowing neon effect.

Video by Rus Khasanov
Music by Dmitry Evgrafov "Afterthought"​​​​​​​


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