This abstract 8K video was inspired by the visual similarity of the cosmic nebula and the iris of the eye.
The iris, with its intricate patterns and colors, shares a striking resemblance to the vibrant and colorful cosmic nebula. Just as the eye is a window to the soul, the nebula serves as a window to the vast universe beyond. Both the iris and the cosmic nebula contain a variety of hues and shades that blend and dance together to create a unique and mesmerizing visual display. The iris's delicate curves and lines mirror the sweeping curves and swirls of the nebula's gaseous clouds. The iris, with its distinctive central pupil, recalls the cosmic nebula's central star or black hole, around which the colorful gases and dust swirl. The cosmic nebula and the iris share a deep artistic connection, as both offer a glimpse into something beyond ourselves, whether it is the inner world of emotions and thoughts or the vast expanse of the cosmos.

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