In this project, a collection of textures is presented, which remain on my work surface after completing experimental shoots using paints, water and other substances. Usually, I just wash it all away, clean the dried paint from the surface of the plate, and start working with a clean slate. But at one point, I caught myself thinking that this imprint on the work surface is not just a layered mess of paints resulting from hours of work, but rather a reflection of my inner chaos. It is a multi-layered semblance of my emotions and experiences. Pigments settle, layer upon layer, with some colors vividly splashing, explosively overlapping old layers of paint, forming intricate textures much like how the ocean floor accumulates various elements and creates its unique formations. I strive to portray the ideal emotional essence through my abstract works, which are created in fleeting moments. They serve as links of an anchor immersed in the depths of my subconscious.
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